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Inspired by the Motor City

Feeling the spirit since 1970.

Feeling the spirit since 1970.


The Renaissance Center could be viewed in the distance from Ford Road just a block from my childhood home in Dearborn Heights. I would stand in the turn lane of with six lanes of traffic whizzing by and feel the pride of this city.

Detroit, the Motor City where these hunks of steel whizzing past me were made.  

Detroit has always inspired me. My creative spirit was formed and modeled here. This work honors Detroit and it's special places, buildings and history. 


My first drawings

Any blank pages in my childhood coloring books were quickly filled with drawings of cars as a child. Cars were made here at home, and I love both the city and it's industry.


College for Creative Studies

Located behind the Detroit Institute of Arts, my education at the College for Creative Studies shared a wealth of knowledge, friendships and bonds with the city that continue today.

Draw Daily

It's important to keep a relationship with my sketchbook. I carry one with me at all times for drawing opportunities that crop up as I explore the city I call home.